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Lexa Bear™ is a talking companion that works with Amazon Alexa and other bluetooth devices.


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More about Lexa Bear™

  • Patent Pending Design

    Lexa Bear™ speaks and can get it's voice from almost any audio and selectively responds to the human vocal range.

  • A Forever Friend

    Lexa Bear™ adapts to the voice it is connected to. As devices like the Amazon Echo Dot or even your mobile phone continue to advance, you will never out grow Lexa Bear.

  • Ever Growing Capabilities

    Everyday new apps and skills are being developed around the world. This mean you can continually do new and fun things with Lexa Bear™


How can I get my own Lexa Bear™

We are launching the Lexa Bear™ kickstarter in November 7 2017. Backers of the campaign can help bring Lexa Bear to life and be the among the first to receive their own.

Can I get a Lexa Bear by the Holidays?

Although the first Lexa Bears ship in early 2018, Kickstarter backers that wish to give Lexa Bear™ as a gift will receive an interactive video whereby the recipient can click to unwrap a virtual present which will then show a video of Lexa Bear™ with a special message and greeting. From time to time we will send out additional messages until Lexa Bear arrives.

When will Lexa Bear™ start shipping

Lexa Bear is fully functional and developed. The first bears should start shipping in the beginning of 2018.

What can Lexa Bear™ do?

Lexa Bear is designed with specialized circuitry that allows it to selectively "talk" with almost any audio vocal input from an Amazon Echo Dot or by being connected to any device over bluetooth such as a tablet or mobile phone.

Is Lexa Bear secure? Can it be hacked?

Lexa Bear is as secure as the device it is connected to such as your mobile phone or in the case of an Amazon echo dot, your Amazon account. Lexa Bear itself cannot be "hacked" as it's internal electronics are in no way collecting or storing information.